About installing Adobe InCopy


Installing the correct version

InCopy is a professional text editing application developed by Adobe. There are different versions of InCopy (Adobe usually releases new versions every year) and it is very important that you install the version which your agency has created your documents for. If you have the wrong version then you will not be able to edit them. Projects can be created using CC2018 (v13), CC2019 (v14) and 2020 (v15). If you are unsure which version you need we have instructions here: Which version of InCopy do I need?


Which version do I have?
If you are unsure which version of InCopy you currently have you can find the version number by opening the application and then selecting "About InCopy" under the "Help" menu. You will then see the version number as seen in the images below.


Licensing and Creative Cloud

To install InCopy you will need a Adobe Creative Cloud account. Adobe uses a subscription model which allows you to purchase individual licenses or a team license for multiple users (recommended for most companies). You can also choose to pay by month or for a year at a time. More information about this can be found here: How do I install Creative Cloud?


Installing CC2020


If you need to install CC2020 we have instructions here.


Installing CC2019


If you need to install CC2019 we have instructions here.


Installing CC2018


If you need to install CC2018 we have instructions here.


Installing older, unsupported versions

If you need to install CC2015.4 we have instructions here and for CC2017 we have instructions here. Please be aware that these versions of CC are no longer supported.


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