Installing InCopy CC2018 Using Creative Cloud Packager (Adobe Enterprise Customers)

Please be aware that there are different versions of Adobe InCopy and that documents are version specific. Installing the latest version (CC2018) will only work with CtrlPrint if that is the version documents were created for. Instructions for how to install CC2015.4 or CC2017 can be found here.

To use InCopy CC2018 users must have Transfer Manager version 1.2.1 or higher. More information about how to check which version users have can be found here. The latest version can be downloaded here.


About Creative Cloud Packager

Information about how the packager works and where to download it can be found on Adobe's website here.

How to access and install CC2018

Select the option called InCopy CC & UpdatesMake sure to include any updates which are available. The version number for InCopy CC2018 is 13.0.


After selecting InCopy you can then build and distribute the package.

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