Guide: New interface for CtrlPrint

What's happening

We are in the process of rebuilding and redesigning our user interface for the CtrlPrint web portal. Development is ongoing which means that new functions, bug fixes, performance enhancements and design changes will occur periodically. We encourage you to use the link in the top right corner of the new design to submit your comments and suggestions.


What will happen in the future

Our plan is to have both the old and new versions of the web portal active simultaneously over the next year. Following next season (Spring 2020) we will retire the old version of the CtrlPrint web portal. The new version will allow us to add more functionality, more easily make interface changes and provide a more stable platform for users going forward.


What's new and what do I need to know

The core functionality of how CtrlPrint works has not changed and the new interface does not effect Transfer Manager or how our plugins work with InCopy and InDesign. The major changes that we are working on relate to user experience and the user interface. Our goal is to simplify the design to make it easier for users to find the functions they need as well as improve upon common workflows to increase productivity. One example of this is the change in how the administrative section will work. Previously we have had two separate interfaces - one for "users" and one for administrative tasks. We have now combined these so that both are accessible in one place. In the future administrators will also be able to activate additional functions (such as TrackChanges) without contacting CtrlPrint for assistance. Other improvements include drag and drop when adding users to projects and when reordering chapters. A complete manual for the new interface will be available in the near future.

As always please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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