Install CtrlPrint in 3 easy steps

Before you begin, have your IT team checked this
important network configuration information?

Here's a checklist of what you will need to do to start using CtrlPrint:


Step 1 - Adobe

Creative Cloud

You will need to install Adobe's Creative Cloud app before you can install any Adobe programs.


Next, install the correct version of InCopy or InDesign so you can edit your documents.

If you are editing the text of the document, please download InCopy. If you are editing the layout of the document, please download InDesign.

Not sure which version to install? Please contact your agency for confirmation. You will not be able to open documents if the wrong version of InCopy/InDesign is installed.

Step 2 - CtrlPrint Transfer Manager

You will need to install the CtrlPrint Transfer Manager to access your documents:

Updating your plugins - pre-existing InDesign users only

If you are a pre-existing InDesign user, and have updated your version of InDesign since last season, you will need to manually update your plugins. If you are a new user to CtrlPrint, our plugins will automatically install when the user downloads a document for editing.

Step 3 - Your agency or project admin


CtrlPrint does not supply or deliver fonts to users so your agency contact is the best person to answer any questions about the specific fonts for your project. Click here for more information about missing fonts in your project.

Creating your user accounts and projects

Your agency contact will create your users and projects on the CtrlPrint web server. They will contact you with further information.

I need help!

Don't panic! Please send an email to and one of our friendly Client Services team will be happy to help.

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